Lemmings Reprieve is friendly (noisy) and open to all, regardless of previous experience. There is no need to bring a partner. We dance mostly English Country Dances from the 17th and 18th centuries, traditional folk dances collected in various parts of the country in more recent times and modern compositions in the same style. The club is affiliated to the English Folk Dance and Song Society.


The dances are taught and “called” by Andrew Shaw, and the music is played by Club musicians, led by Denise Bearon.


The Lemmings Reprieve Folk Dance Club took shape round Peter Hicks’ dining table during a late night coffee session in 1984. The aim was to revitalise the long-running Altrincham Folk Dance Club (itself a lineal descendant of the catchily named Bowdon Church Country Dancing Group, formed in 1953), which, like most clubs, danced to recorded music. The overhaul involved a new name, a new, more accessible venue, a change in the frequency of meetings and, above all, the introduction of live music. The new name, Lemming’s Reprieve, was the inspiration of Tim Beasant and remains a zany but wonderfully apt statement of the club’s ethos.


Updated: 28Jul16