House Party


 After we had talked about the idea for several years, we finally organised a weekend away for club members and their children in February 1992. Since then we have held many successful house parties, mostly around New Year, at various locations in Cumbria, Northumberland, Wales and Yorkshire. Daylight hours are spent enjoying the great outdoors, whilst the evenings are occupied by eating, drinking, singing, laughing, and we have been known to do the odd dance or two.


Until New Year 2012/13, we stayed in Youth Hostels, arranging exclusive use of the hostels with daytime access, and catering for ourselves. From January 2014, we have forsaken the YHA in favour of more comfortable accommodation, whilst retaining the original spirit of communal catering and entertainment. These up-market properties generally have fewer beds than hostels, so that places are more limited than in previous years, even though we no longer have children to accommodate.


Our thanks go to Ruth for organising a series of successful New Year events, concluding with our stay at Lower Damgate in 2018/9.

The 2019/20 houseparty will be in Wharfdale: further details from Shan via



Walking from Muncaster Castle 2017/8

Updated: 22Jan18