Live music is an important feature of Lemmings Reprieve and Mr Beveridge’s Maggot, led by Tony Hill, has been the mainstay of that music throughout.


The band, Mr Beveridge’s Maggot, was formed at very short notice after the Easter Folk Festival at Poynton Folk Centre in 1976. The band was asked to play for the monthly Saturday Ceilidh at the Centre and continued to do so for about three years. Members of the band had been attending a music workshop at Poynton Folk Centre organised for Adlington Morris Men by Tony Hill.


The initial line-up included Tony Hill as leader on accordion, Marguerite Hill (née Roberts) on English concertina, Trevor Crozier on mandolin and Roger Dunant, a fire-eating guitarist. Trevor Crozier suggested that we should name the band Mr Beveridge’s Maggot (the name of a 17th century dance tune). Later, the alternative name of Lemmings Reprieve was suggested by Tim Beasant, but after discussion, the original name was retained. Since 1976, the band has had at least 20 musicians passing through and then moving away to other areas. Instruments played by members of the band at various times have included accordions, English concertina, melodeon, fiddles, flutes and whistle, hammered dulcimer, guitars, Northumbrian pipes, trombone, keyboard, percussion, oboe and a double bass. In spite of the changes in personnel over the years and the variety of instruments, Mr Beveridge’s Maggot has remained active because of the constant presence of Tony Hill as leader.


Andrew Shaw later took the name Lemmings Reprieve for the dance group, which began under his leadership in 1984. Mr Beveridge’s Maggot plays regularly for Lemmings Reprieve and welcomes other players to join in.


The current regular line-up includes Tony, Marguerite, Iz Jackson, and Roddy Toffler, with occasional guests.


In September 2016, after 32 years at the helm, Tony handed over leadership of the band to Denise Bearon, but continues to play for the Club he helped to found.


Denise and Norman Bearon are experienced musicians and dancers from the North West. They form 2/3 of the band Saraband and play regularly also as a duo for workshops and weekends. Over the years this has included musicianing for Folk camps, playing at Southam Festival and annually for a dance weekend at Cober Hill: Norman on violin, Denise on accordion, piano and recorder (but not all at the same time!) They play for a wide range of dance styles from the slow and stately to lively contra with the emphasis on danceability.


For more information or bookings, phone: 01695-422971.

  Updated: 28Jul16