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Andrew Shaw:

Mr. Kynaston’s Famous Dance                              book    Out of print

The She Favourite                                              book   Out of print


Mr. Kynaston’s Famous Dance & The She Favourite       Double CD   £10.00


Emperor of the Moon (read review)                     book   Out of print

                                                                          CD      £5.00 (reduced to clear)

Farnicle Huggy (read review)                              book    Out of print

                                                                          CD      £5.00 (reduced to clear)

Elephants Stairs (read review)                            book   £10.00

                                                                          CD      Out of print


The Irish Howle           **NEW**                       book     £12.00

                                                                         CD       £13.00


The Dances of Brian Wedgbury                           book   Out of print

                                                                          CD     Out of print

Persons of Quality:                                                                    

                       Next of Kynaston (read review)                          CD     £13.00

English Country Dance tunes by Nathaniel Kynaston and  his contemporaries, to accompany dances from Andrew’s books.


Rebecca King:

                       Nearer & Farther                                               book  Out of print

                                                                                                 CD     Out of print

English Country Dance tunes composed and/or arranged by Rebecca King, with dances by Gary Roodman, Andrew Shaw, Brook Friendly & Chris Sackett, and more.


The books and CDs are available from:-

          Andrew Shaw (email:; Tel: 0161 941 2289)

          Folk Sales (

In America:

          Rebecca King (

          Country Dance & Song Society (


Some related items:


The Oakenrod Collection:

This is a free resource for country dance musicians: fifty 2-part arrangements of Playford-style dance tunes by violinists Joan and Rosalind Corser. The document contains links to pdf files for printing single tunes, to Musescore3 files for editable versions, and to mp3 files where you can hear the arrangements. (Note that these links will redirect your browser to


Tony Battilana:

‘Push-Pull Playford’ (All the tunes from ‘The English Dancing Master’ arranged for G/D melodeon)

Book & CD  £10.00                                                                                                 

Available from

Folk Sales (see above)

or directly from Tony (Tel: 01625 582460, email:


Liz Park & Tony Battilana:

‘Wit & Mirth’ (A selection of C.18th bawdy ballads sung by Liz, accompanied by Tony)

Charitable donations (£5?) invited:

all proceeds to Halsway Manor Society

Available from Tony (see above)


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