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Andrew Shaw:

Mr. Kynaston’s Famous Dance                              book   £ 5.00 (out of print)

The She Favourite                                              book   £ 6.50 (out of print)

Emperor of the Moon (read review)                     book   £ 7.00

                                                                          CD      £13.00

Farnicle Huggy (read review)                              book   £ 8.00

                                                                          CD      £13.00

Elephants Stairs (read review)                            book   £10.00

                                                                          CD      £13.00


The Dances of Brian Wedgbury                           book  £ 6.00

                                                                          CD     £10.00 (out of print)

Persons of Quality:                                                                   

                       Next of Kynaston (read review)                          CD     £13.00

English Country Dance tunes by Nathaniel Kynaston and  his contemporaries, to accompany dances from Andrew’s books.


Rebecca King:

                       Nearer & Farther                                               book £10.00

                                                                                                 CD    £12.00

English Country Dance tunes composed and/or arranged by Rebecca King, with dances by Gary Roodman, Andrew Shaw, Brook Friendly & Chris Sackett, and more.


The books and CDs are available from:-

          Andrew Shaw (email:; Tel: 0161 941 2289)

          Folk Sales (email: new address to be announced shortly)

In America:

          Rebecca King (

          Country Dance & Song Society (


Some related items:


Tony Battilana:

‘Push-Pull Playford’ (All the tunes from ‘The English Dancing Master’ arranged for G/D melodeon)

Book & CD  £7.00                                                                                                   

Available from

P J Music

Folk Sales (see above)

or directly from Tony (Tel: 01625 582460, email:


Liz Park & Tony Battilana:

‘Wit & Mirth’ (A selection of C.18th bawdy ballads sung by Liz, accompanied by Tony)

Charitable donations (£5?) invited:

all proceeds to Halsway Manor Society

Available from Tony (see above)


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